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  • Banana Monkey Banana Monkey 14518 plays Guide the Monkey across the Jungles and Rivers to get all the Bananas. The more levels you reach, the more Bananas you will need to eat in order to go to the next level. But don't fall in water and watch out for snakes.
  • Worlds Strongest Monkey Worlds Strongest Monkey 10562 plays Use speed, skill, rhythm and reflex in the 6 events. Event 1 - banana lift (speed) Event 2 - chin ups (rhythm) Event 3 - 1 ton toss (speed + accuracy) Event 4 - barrel balance (skill) Event 5 - monkey punch (accuracy + skill) Event 6 - tree climb (reflex)
  • Banana Lure Banana Lure 9944 plays Little monkey wants to eat bananas. But bananas are at the very top of the trees. It has to climb up till the top and get the bananas.
  • Picking Bananas Picking Bananas 9401 plays Draw a line that will allow you to ride over it and pick up all the bananas and reach the exit.
  • Jungle Plunge Jungle Plunge 8512 plays Jungle Plunge, a fast high score game where you navigate a verticle puzzle with a monkey in a bubble! Its cute, its fun, its a barrel of monkies.
  • Monkeys Monkeys 7550 plays Try to balance as many monkeys on top pf each other in the time provided. Also Collect bananas on the way up for bonus points.
  • Monkey Target Monkey Target 7523 plays Guide the monkey to the target collecting bananas and stars along the way.
  • Donkey Kong Ice Adventure Donkey Kong Ice Adventure 7231 plays Donkey Kong is riding bike in his new Ice Adventure. Help him clear all levels without falling down. Collect bananas to score high. Use your skills to drive through obstacles.
  • Banana Dash World 2 Banana Dash World 2 6788 plays Don't let this circus world drive you bananas. Reach the cannon to end the level, collecting many bananas along the way!
  • Banana Rama Banana Rama 6129 plays The goal is to catch as many bananas as you can. Catching hearts will increase your life.
  • Jumping Bananas 2 Jumping Bananas 2 5670 plays Jimmy is back, and he's not alone. Play the quests and collect items. Watch out for obstacles and bad guys!
  • Barrels of Monkeys Barrels of Monkeys 5223 plays Shoot all the monkeys!
  • Jumping Bananas Jumping Bananas 4839 plays Jump around and collect bananas while dodging the other creatures.
  • Monkey Boy Monkey Boy 4739 plays Throw Bananas at your enemies.
  • Monkey Lander Monkey Lander 4736 plays Navigate the monkey who is flying the spaceship
  • Monkey Stack Monkey Stack 4564 plays Grab as many bananas as you can to extend the time limit by making Monkey Stack before the time runs out or lives reach zero.
  • Bananaz! Bananaz! 4383 plays

    This monkey loves to eat bananas very much. But the bananas are always high in the air.He should jump on the leaves to reach the bananas.

  • Jet Pack Monkey Jet Pack Monkey 4186 plays Help our Super Jetpack Monkey to grab all the bananas without getting hit by the Space ship obstacles. The loader gets decreased, in case of any hit on obstacles and grabbing the bananas will regain JetPack Monkey's life loader.
  • Basketball_game20 Basketball_game20 4060 plays

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  • Muz Firlat Muz Firlat 4007 plays Adjust your power and angle then shoot bananas at the empty barrel.
  • Monkey Island Monkey Island 4004 plays Jump to islands grabbing bananas. What more do you expect from a monkey?
  • Lighten Up Lighten Up 3987 plays Rick Platypus is setting up alien landing lights. Collect all the lights before time runs out! Jump over the lights to grab them. Earn extra points for combos. Run into Rick to slow him down, but watch out for banana peels.
  • Jungle Spider Monkey Jungle Spider Monkey 3736 plays Move the monkey and gather all fruits while dodging obstacles.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Chimps Mr. and Mrs. Chimps 3329 plays Love is a dangerous game. Be Mr. Chimp to find more proof for the age old adage! Collect the banana from Mrs. Chimp. Collect 10 bananas to cross the level.
  • Banana Bread 2 Banana Bread 2 3295 plays

    Make your own banana bread at home with this game you will just love it.

  • New Addicted Monkey New Addicted Monkey 3132 plays Serve the monkey banana when ask of it.
  • Hello Kitty Apples And Banana Cupcakes Hello Kitty Apples And Banana Cupcakes 2617 plays

    I like to cook girls and I always come up with different creative recipes that amaze everyone that has the privilege to try them! My favorite time is when I invite all of my friends over and I try a new recipes. To tell you the truth, I never fail because I'm that good! But lately I've been running out of inspiration and my friends are disappointed because they are used with my delicious recipes that make your mouth water. Fortunately my friend Alice gave me a new idea today and I'm about to try a new kind of cupcakes: Hello Kitty Apples And Banana Cupcakes! Sounds delicious right? Wait till you get to taste them... the rumor is that they are yummylicious. So I will make a test and bake this creative cute Hello Kitty cupcakes and if they turn really good I'm gonna invite all of my friends over. Surely they will be quite glad to learn that I'm back on track with my cooking. Will you help me ladies? You have to be by my side as I try this new delicious cupcakes recipe. I really love the fact that they will be decorated with Hello Kitty because I'm such a big fan and Hello Kitty is cute and adorable! Let's have a fabulous time together and prepare something amazing because let's face it, we have some awesome skills in the kitchen!

  • Jumping Bananas 2 Jumping Bananas 2 0 plays Jimmy is back, and he's not alone... Play the quests and collect items. Watch out for obstacles and bad guys!

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